This is a very simple Java program that I have written to create orthgraphic images of the lunar surface using the Clementine Mosaic basemap.

The program allows one to specify the latitude and longitude where the image is to be centered. It also allows for a diameter from this center to be specified so that only the portion of the image one wishes to see is created.



The very first thing you will need to do is ensure that you have installed the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API. After this simply download the Clementine TIFF image and the jar file and one can begin to run the program. e.g.

java -jar Reproject.jar clem.tif 128 -90 0 5461 0.3 250

What do the variables mean? (in order of the command above..)

  • filename: This is the filename of the mosaic.
  • samplerate: This is the number of pixels per degree of the mosaic.
  • lat: Latitude.
  • lon: Longitude.
  • diam: Diameter from the central Lat/Lon one wishes to time.
  • inc: Increment size in degrees, e.g. how small do we wish to sample.
  • baseimg_size: When reprojecting, the part of the Moon you wish to look at is cropped from an image of baseimg_size^2.

A brief note on inc and baseimg_size

The larger the baseimg_size, the higher the final resolution, however the smaller the increment required to fill the image. There is of course a trade off in terms of performance when creating very large images with a small increment size.

Work still to complete

  • Add an offset so that the it is not assumed that the mosaic is from -180 to 180 degree longitude, and -90 to 90 degree latitude.
  • Give support for reprojecting partial sections of the lunar surface, i.e. reprojecting an incomplete mosaic.
  • Add more error checking. The use can currently enter anything into the command line without it being checked.
  • Allow an automatic baseimg_size and inc values.

Some examples

I created this software to produce images of craters from the Clementine mosaic. Here is an example of tycho crater.

Here are some examples of what you can do. The small images are all using 0.3 iteration size with base image of 250px^2. Click for larger images where the base image is 1000px^2 and iteration size 0.1.

North Pole of the Moon, centered on lat/lon 90/0, created with iterations of 0.3.